Route Planner/HGV SatNav

The Most Innovative HGV Navigation System Available 

The ProNav PNN350/400 include:

  • 5" High Resolution TFT Touch Screem
  • Latest MediaTech 3551C 500MHz solution
  • GSM/GPRS Connectivity
  • FM Transmitter
  • AV-IN
  • 4GB NAND On-board Flash Memory
  • SD Card Support up to 8GB
  • 128 MB DDR RAM
  • Windows CE 6.0
  • Windscreen mount, 12-24v In-car charger, USB lead
  • and much more.
The ProNav PNN350 include:
  • Navigation based on height, wedth, hazmat etc.
  • Potential warnings (steep hills, sharp bends, crosswinds etc.)
  • Latest UK / ROI NAVTEQ mapping & Transport* Data
  • Unlimited 'multistop' journey plainning
  • Truck specific POI's (HGV petrol stations, truck stops etc.)
  • Dynamic ETA's providing accurate journey times based on real-time historic HGV traffic data
  • 2D Elevated building models
  • Full postcode routing
  • Text to speech with spoken road names
  • Six month safety camera alerts
*NAVTEQ Transport data only covers the United Kingdom and does not include the Republic of Ireland
The ProNav PNN400 include: 
The ProNav PNN400 has the same features as the PNN350 but also incorporates a unique 'London Freight Routing Pack.'
  • Exclusive 'London Lorry Ban' (aka the 'ERN') routing to avoid fines for night time deliveries.
  • Exclusive loading bays showing exception times
  • Exclusive red route bays showing exception times
  • Only HGV SatNav to include 'HGV/Cyclist Alert' software to help drivers avoid incidents with cyclists
  • Ability to exclusively download and follow routes from Transport for London 'Freight Journey Planner'
Integrated Diver Messaging (under Development):
  • Message sent to ProNav Navigation System via the ProNav web tracking interface.
  • Message can be free text or contain geo-location information for navigation purposes.
  • Message is instantly displayed on navigation software screen when received by ProNav Navigation system.
  • Driver can choose to 'Accept' or 'Decline' the message - 
  • If he declines the message, the popup will disappear but he will be able to access the message again via an on-screen button and reselect accept if required.
  • If he accepts the message and the message contains geo-location information, the system calculates a route directly to the new location.
ProNav Wireless Tracking:
  • Full track & trace capability
  • Supports multiple connected devices/drivers
  • Live vehicle trace
  • Historical journey view's
  • Advance reports e.g. speed
  • Multiple views including map, birds eye & aerial views
  • Low monthly rental from just £12.95+VAT* per month
  • 24 month contact term
  • Contact includes all airtime data costs
*Subject to 24 month contact/£12.95 + VAT price based on 50+ system contact. A single system contract costs £16.95+VAT per month