Why Asset Tracking is Vital for Business

  • Posted on: 1 September 2015
  • By: admin

We’re living in the Digital Age, an era in which we’re becoming more and more reliant on technology in our lives, our homes, our work and our businesses.  One of the most powerful improvements that we’ve seen in modern life is the ability to track our assets to ensure that we’re always making the most of what we have.  This is never truer than when it comes to business.  Modern businesses now have the technology needed to keep on top of their assets at all times and any business (however large or small) that doesn’t harness the power of asset tracking will have no chance of survival in the modern market.  Asset tracking is a vital business solution that will allow your business to stay ahead of the game at all times.

With financial departments pressuring manager to take control of spending, asset tracking is the easiest and most convenient method of doing this effectively.  Take a look at just some of the benefits asset tracking can provide for your business:


COST REDUCTIONS – With waste and theft potentially costing businesses dearly, asset tracking allows managers to take control of consumables that may otherwise slip through the net.  Tracking items will make your workforce more aware of waste and also hammer home to them the value of your consumables.  It’s so easy to adopt a laissez faire attitude towards property that has been supplied by your employer – after all, if you haven’t paid for it, you don’t always recognise the value of it.   Employees often view cars, phones, computers, etc. that are supplied as part of the job as disposable – if it’s lost or stolen, they will be provided with a replacement.  Make sure your employees know that your value your assets by adopting a system for tracking them.

·         THEFT – In years gone by, theft from the workplace was commonplace.  Being offered something that “fell off the back of a lorry” was a great British tradition amongst some sectors of society.  This is now becoming a thing of the past.  Stealing is certainly not a “perk of the job” – whether it’s stealing products, office supplies or any other items.  Stealing is wrong, we all know that.  By adopting an asset tracking system, you can ensure that you’re taking a proactive stance with an effective deterrent that removes the temptation.  Your workforce will get the idea that this type of filtering will not be tolerated and that you have the means to discover the culprit when things go missing.  Making sure your workforce is aware of this by using posters will warn any potential thieves that stealing is just not worth losing their job over.

There are businesses all across the UK that have seen a rise in profits after adopting an asset tracking solution – there is less waste, virtually no theft and assets are lasting longer and not having to be continually replaced.  Do your business a favour – if you don’t have an asset tracking system, make this a priority before the end of this year so that you can face the future with confidence?