Vehicular Telematics - Prevention is Better than the Cure

  • Posted on: 8 June 2015
  • By: interactive

Telematics technology is changing the way in which we drive and it’s predicted that the innovative solutions available will make Britain’s roads safer in the future.  We’re likely to see a steady decrease in the number of accidents in the coming years, which is surely good news for us here in the UK. 

For fleet owners there are numerous benefits to be enjoyed from installing telematics solutions in vehicles and using the data gathered to improve business and lower costs.   Take a look at some of the advantages telematics technology delivers to fleet owners and managers:

  • Monitoring the location of each individual vehicle round the clock.
  • Monitoring driver behaviour in order to identify areas where extra driver training is necessary.
  • Decrease fuel consumption as a result of smoother, more sensible driving.
  • Maximising resources – when an emergency call comes in, the nearest operative can be deployed.
  • Decrease in waste and overall operating costs.
  • Longer vehicle life and a reduction in maintenance costs as smoother driving results in less wear and tear on the vehicle.
  • Enhanced fleet management capability.

However, it seems that there are even more added benefits for fleet owners who install telematics systems in their vehicles – it’s an efficient tool for fighting fraudulent motor accident claims such as what we’ve seen in the recent “crash for cash” scam.

In vehicle cameras are able to record exactly what happened in the event of a collision and deter any bogus insurance claims against the fleet owners.  In cab camera technology is not only capable of protecting both the driver and the business owner from “not at fault” claims, it also provides a complete preventative and proactive solution that will ensure a measurable improvement in terms of cost and accident reduction.

A combination of in-vehicle cameras and vehicle tracking technology can be used to provide an umbrella of preventative and protective technology.  This is essential for a successful preventative safety strategy if it’s used to assess driver behaviour in order to ensure safety and quality.  This will provide both fleet owners and drivers with a safety net as a last line of defence when encountering circumstances beyond their control.

Prevention is always preferable to cure under any circumstances and leveraging the data from telematics and vehicle tracking software to improve driver behaviour significantly reduces the risks when out on the roads.  The innovative technology provided in a telematics solution is designed to improve road safety and reduce insurance premiums.  Fleet owners who choose to use telematics systems in their fleets are offering their employees an enhanced level of duty of care.

With so many cars on the roads here in the UK, fleet businesses nowadays are more exposed than ever to vehicle collision and costly compensation pay-outs.  Installing a telematics system is the smart way of facing the future in a safer and more sensible manner.