Top Five New Gadgets in the Telematics Industry

  • Posted on: 9 February 2015
  • By: interactive

Life in the 21st Century is changing fast as advances in technology and materials bring us more convenient gadgets and gizmos designed to make our lives, not just easier, but fully automated.  We’ve covered the Internet of Things already here at Interactive Communications, explaining what it’s all about and how it’s predicted to change our lives unrecognisably in the coming years.  We’re taking a look today at some of the new, cool tech items that are already on offer as we strive confidently into the future.

Polly Put the Kettle on

This is a smart kettle  that’s controlled by an app that allows you to flip the switch from the comfort of your armchair. This kettle is so smart that it asks you if you want a cuppa when you get up in the morning (duh – it’s a no brainer, of course you want a cuppa first thing) and when you get home.  It boils in four different temperatures and has a snooze control that will keep the water warm until you’re ready.

Pack up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag

Dubbed Trakdot, this is a newly patented device that uses micro-electronics combined with mobile technology to track your luggage when you travel.  You pop it in your suitcase when you travel and it will automatically go into “airplane mode” once it’s loaded into the cargo hold.  When you arrive at your destination, Trakdot wakes up and uses the local mobile network to notify you of its location with a text message.  If your luggage does end up at the wrong airport, then you will know exactly where it is so that it can be delivered to you without delay.  Retailing for around £80 and with annual subscriptions of $20 after the first year, it’s not cheap, but for those who travel on a regular basis, this little gadget delivers peace of mind.

You Can Ring my Bell

Skybell is a wifi connected doorbell that lets users view prospective guests on their mobile phone and answer the door remotely.  At the moment this is only available in the United States – whether it’s likely to challenge our British doorbells with a wide range of chime tones has yet to be seen.  At $200 a pop, this is a bit of a luxury at present.

Shine a Light

The LIFX is an energy efficient, wifi enabled lightbulb that you control with your phone.  Not only can you dim the bulb – you can change the colour too.  The LIFX is still in production stage and has been successfully funded on the popular crowdfunding website, Kickstarter where it has raised more than a million dollars.

Ice Ice Baby

Introducing the smart ice cube!  These ice cubes track how much you drink and will flash a red warning when you’ve had a bit too much.  Developed by a student at MIT, each ice cube contains a coloured LED, an accelerometer, IR receivers and a battery – all moulded into an edible, waterproof jelly.  The glowing, colour changing ice cubes flash in time to music at parties and if you carry on drinking after they’ve turned red, they will send a text to a designated friend who can step in to make sure you don’t try to drive yourself home from the party.