Telematics - The Right Solution For Your Business

  • Posted on: 21 August 2015
  • By: admin

For fleet owners the prospect of installing a telematics solution in the fleet’s vehicles may seem like a pricey and daunting project. However, the benefits that you’ll see in the future far outweigh the inconvenience and the costs. A massive 40% of large fleets in the UK are using telematics systems while 25% of smaller fleet companies have jumped on the bandwagon. However, the use of telematics solutions is predicted to increase in coming years due to advances in the internet, mobile phone technology and GPS receivers. This means that telematics is becoming a way of life and it’s essential that fleet operators make the most of these powerful software solutions.

Adopting a telematics solution means that fleet managers may quickly become overwhelmed by an avalanche of incoming data and wonder what to do with all of this new information at their fingertips. Some telematics solutions deliver so much data that fleet operators can soon become bogged down, wondering just what relevance certain information has to their business. This is why many fleet operators are beginning to shy away from the “bells and whistles” telematics solutions that record every single move a driver makes and opting instead to a solution that delivers more meaningful data that is relevant to their needs.

By choosing the right telematics solution right from the start, a business really can reap the benefit of usable information that will allow them to make the right sort of business decisions.; Fleet operators should be selective about the amount and type of fleet telematics information their company needs in order to function efficiently. Fleets also need to have the resources available to interpret the data they receive from telematics devices in order to make informed decisions on how they can use this data to benefit their business.

When the right sort of data is being obtained it will help fleet operators to gain a valuable insight into the fleet efficiencies and cost implications and harness the power of that data to improve business practices and boost their bottom line

Some of the most useful information that can be provided by telematics solutions involves driver behaviour. This is the data that can easily be used to increase fuel efficiency and decrease overall operational costs. Driver behaviour information is also vital in order to identify which drivers may need training in order to improve their performance behind the wheel. Analysing driver behaviour is also a crucial tool that can be used to reduce risks, decrease the number of accidents and lower insurance premiums.

However, before making a decision on installing telematics solutions in a fleet, managers should think carefully about what type of data would help to improve their operations. One of the best methods of doing this is to collaborate closely with a telematics provider – after all they are the experts and can give the advice needed to ensure that the solution chosen will benefit the business in the future.