Telematics - The Advantages in Action

  • Posted on: 17 November 2014
  • By: admin

One of our recent news articles covered the subject of Telematics – explaining just what telematics is and how this new industry covers several areas:

•    Vehicular technologies
•    Telecommunications
•    Road safety and transportation
•    Electrical engineering
•    Computer science

An NHS ambulance provider here in the UK has recently reported that since installing telematics in its ambulances, there has been a dramatic improvement in safety.  In fact, Arrive Transport Solutions’ ambulance fleet has reduced unsafe driving patterns by a massive 92% in the space of about six months!  That really is a success story and serves to demonstrate that telematics, which is still in its infancy, is set to make the world a much safer place.

This type of technology is what will form the basis of our future endeavours to reduce the number of road accidents.  However, it’s not quite as simple as that – the technology on its own will not prevent drivers from crashing.  The technology needs to form part of a cohesive risk management and incident reduction strategy by the companies using it.

Fleet professionals know that telematics provides a great way of providing specific information about driver behaviour and operators are increasing using the information gleaned from telematics to identify the individuals or driver groups that have the most to gain from targeted training.  When telematics is combined with other emerging technologies, such as in-vehicle cameras, it boasts an even greater potential to improve driver behaviour.

While many of us think that telematics equipment is the sole preserve of large organisations with a substantial fleet of vehicles, this is not the case.  Breakthroughs in technology always result in a lowering of prices and the technology becoming available to a much wider customer base and this is true of telematics too. 

This means that many of the UK’s small to medium enterprises that use fleets of vehicles are now jumping on the bandwagon as the technology becomes more widely available.  One of the most attractive options for these small and medium businesses is to take advantage of telematics solutions provided by companies who specialise in supplying a tailored solution to meet individual business needs.

Fleet owners opting to use telematics don’t just benefit from increased safety levels, there are many other advantages to be gained from using this type of technology.  One of the most important of these as far as businesses are concerned is the fact that using telematics can save a company money in the long term.

While the initial installation might be considered an expense that the company may be reluctant to take on, the return on investment (ROI) is rapid and powerful.  There are several factors that lead to long term savings:

Lower insurance premiums (most insurers nowadays will offer a reduced rate for fleets that have a telematics solution added.  As shown, the increase in safety also leads to a reduction in collisions which means fewer claims on the insurance company.  If that weren’t tempting enough, telematics promotes safer, smoother driving techniques which leads to a reduction in fuel consumption.  When you apply the operating cost reductions gained from telematics to the equation, it really is a no-brainer.  Telematics make sense.