News Roundup - March

  • Posted on: 9 April 2015
  • By: admin

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First of all is a warning from the Association of Equipment Management Professionals 33rd Management Conference and Annual Meeting. Gerald Green, strategic development manager for Caterpillar warned an audience of equipment fleet managers that a failure to embrace new technology will result in business failure. He predicts that digital telematics used in industries using heavy machinery is about to revolutionise practices because risks and maintenance are managed more effectively.


Alarmingly, almost 25% of British motorists don’t trust insurance providers with the data provided from vehicle black box devices. In the mistrust list, insurance providers were closely followed by the government (22.5%) and the police (14.5%) while employers were seen as a reasonably safe source of data protection with only 7% of drivers stating that they would be suspicious of the company they work for holding information on their personal driving patterns.


Young drivers – beware of the telematically empowered parents! Parents are now the ultimate in backseat drivers with in car gadgets that will alert Mum and Dad if their children are driving dangerously. Block box technology is now offering parents a method of tracking their children’s driving behaviour which will actually send text alerts if they break the speed limit or need to brake too quickly. This in-car grass has been proven to reduce bad driving habits in young drivers under the age of 25. The Association of British Insurers has revealed that accidents involving younger drivers tend to be more serious with the average claim made by an 18 – 20 years old costing £889, compared with the average claim of £443 for older drivers between the ages of 26 and 30.


Car manufacturers worldwide are ploughing ahead with research on telematics and driver assistance systems for the future connected and self-driving cars. The automotive industry has seen the number of patent filings increase by double digits every year for the past five years. Recent advances (most publicly by Google) show that the future of autonomous driving is closer than we thought despite experts claiming that the technology needed for this is still a long way from being viable in all traffic conditions. Innovation in this field has improved in leaps and bounds in recent years meaning that the future could be closer than we think.