News Roundup - July

  • Posted on: 10 August 2015
  • By: admin

Here at Interactive Communications, we want to provide our readers with an online resource that provides all the latest news in the Telematics sector – we believe that providing you with useful and relevant information is the best way to give you some added value on a regular basis. As part of our offerings, we decided to publish a monthly News Roundup for the Telematics industry so our readers can keep up with what’s going on in this sector in one convenient place. Let us know what you think about this News Roundup by email and if there is anything you’d like us to cover, then please let us know and we will do our best.

As has been widely predicted, an increasing number of fleet operators and insurers are using driver behaviour focussed telematics solutions. While traditional telematics has been based in the HGV and LCV sectors, driver behaviour telemetry is rapidly being adopted in the company car market. It appears that the primary cost savings are derived from a reduction in fuel usage with companies often saving up to £500 per vehicle annually.

Fleet managers in the UK are being advised to focus on the relevance of the information gathered from telematics rather than concentrating on the sheer volume of the data provided. Fleet operators are realising that a telematics solution that delivers a host of extras can lead to them getting bogged down in an avalanche of information that is not always relevant to their needs. Instead, fleet operators are now turning to more elegant, streamlined solutions that provide meaningful and usable data that can be used to improve their business model. It’s also vital that fleet operators have the resources necessary to interpret the data they receive efficiently so that it can be used to benefit their business.

According to a recent survey by LeasePlan, one of the UK’s largest fleet providers, the use of telematics could significantly alter and improve driver behaviour. LeasePlan’s Global Mobility Monitor survey of nearly 4,000 lease vehicle drivers discovered that in-vehicle telematics has a positive effect on driver safety which reduces the number of accident claims. Of those surveyed, 38% of respondents claimed that in vehicle telematics would change their driving behaviour with 14% saying they would exercise more caution behind the wheel, 7% saying they would drive slower and 17% saying they would pay more attention to fuel consumption.

Good news for the industry as a whole comes in the shape of a report from Future Market Insights predicting that there will be an increase in demand for telematics solutions in off-highway vehicles. Overall awareness of off-highway vehicle telematics has increased in recent years, particularly in Europe and North America, due to advances in the internet, mobile phone technology and GPS receivers.

According the Fleet World magazine, the take up of telematics solutions within large fleets has increased dramatically in recent years and is set to grow further. Nowadays 40% of large fleets (businesses with 1,000 or more employees) are using telematics systems as opposed to 25% of smaller fleet companies.