The International Consumer Electronic Show 2015 - Future Trends in Telematics

  • Posted on: 19 January 2015
  • By: interactive

Last week, Las Vegas staged the largest International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in history, attracting more than 170,000 people to the gambling capital of the world.  Among the exciting topics covered were 4K TVs, wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT).  There were some weird and wonderful gadgets on display, including wearables for pets, garden sensors and trainers for gamers (interactive trainers sporting a functional game feature with lights and sound action), but the top 11 tech trends of the CES were listed as follows:

  1. The Internet of Things
  2. The car is the new supercomputer
  3. Smart appliances need ecosystems and standards
  4. Virtual reality has its leaders and its competitors
  5. 4K TV goes mainstream, but there’s more to come
  6. Wearables are exploding but you may not want to buy them yet
  7. Tech is helping the lazy, the disabled and the rich
  8. Last year’s tech has become real
  9. Asian companies are emerging as the strongest
  10. Drones and robots are multiplying
  11. 3D printers will be a bonanza for creators

The trends that interested us here most at Interactive Communications were 1 and 3 as these are the trends that are most likely to affect the telematics industry. 

All of the major tech companies in attendance were touting the Internet of Things (IoT) because it will allow tech companies to sell all sorts of gadgets in future.  It’s predicted that every product will become smart and connected in the future which will mean tech companies will either collaborate with or take over other industries.  CEO of Samsung Electronics revealed that 100% of its products would be internet connected within five years. 

Intel displayed a new chip for the IoT, the Curie which is likely to become the foundation of even more IoT devices in the future.  All of these devices will connect to the Internet and have their own IP addresses.  They will be smart enough to capture data from sensors and process the information in a way which can be delivered to our smartphones or to the web.  However, at present, most of these appliances and gadgets are expensive and prices will need to fall in order for sales volumes to increase.

Smart cars, smart homes and smart appliances are great ideas, but in order to be successful, they must be able to work together.  The IoT is forecast to become the biggest network of devices by the end of the decade with Intel predicting a massive 50 billion connected devices.  The Open Interconnect Consortium was founded in order to provide secure, reliable device discover and connectivity across multiple operating systems and platforms to deliver reliable interoperability and Samsung has disclosed that it will invest $100 million creating standards for the IoT. 


The future is here and it’s interconnected.  Here at Interactive Communications we’re rather excited about our future as a business and the future of the telematics industry as a whole.