The Future of Motoring is Telematics

  • Posted on: 27 October 2015
  • By: admin

Over the past twenty years we’ve seen so many changes in the way in which we live our lives that are due in the most part to progress in technology.  Technology has been changing the way we work and live and one of the most widespread new technological advances is in the field of telematics.  The application of telematics is widespread and touches our lives in so many different ways as it’s a technology that’s used for so many different purposes. 

Telematics enables wireless devices to connect with black box technology to transmit information to a system or to an organisation in real time.  Telematics is used to send data across huge networks and enables easy access to vital information that’s up to date. 

Vehicle telematics has been in the news quite a bit over the past couple of years as it’s not become a popular option on motor insurance – many young drivers opt for telematics insurance as a way of lowering their premiums and making driving more affordable.  However, it’s also had the knock on effect of a 20% reduction in the accident rates amongst drivers who use a telematics solution in their vehicles.  Another important benefit of vehicle telematics is that it can increase the chance or recovering stolen vehicles from 62% to 80%. 

For fleet owners/managers, telematics brings other benefits including a reduction in operating costs and an improvement in efficiency.  Some small fleets here in the UK have even seen an increase of up to 25% in the number or work orders received as their efficiency improved.  Added to a reduction in fuel costs, in vehicle telematics is essential for fleet owners who want to ensure that their business is successful and can compete in the 21st Century market.

Clever use of telematics technology also enables an improved level of safety in the car – immediate roadside assistance is available and the touch of a button and it’s possible to automatically dial 999 in the event of an accident.  When electric vehicles become more widespread (as they are set to do in the coming years), telematics software will aid automated charging when the rates are cheapest, saving even more money.  Vehicles of the future will be able to report to their owners a range of problems so that maintenance and repairs will become virtually automated (although we still see the need for auto mechanics to do the work).

Telematics, although an advanced technology, are here to stay.  It’s predicted that all of the major car manufacturers will be installing telematics systems in new vehicles because they’ve had such a positive response from consumers.  A telematics black box is crash resistant.  The black box can receive data wirelessly and the information can be disseminated via a smartphone so that it can be used appropriately.  Establishing dual channel telematics is the smartest use of this type of technology and is recommended.  With an increasing number of accidents and collisions, a telematics system will report the incident immediately so that help can be delivered in the shortest time available.  This speedy help will undoubtedly save lives.