Eco Driving - What's it all about?

  • Posted on: 11 September 2014
  • By: admin

What is “eco driving”?  That's the term used to describe using vehicles in an energy efficient manner in order to reduce fuel consumption during road transport so that less fuel is used to travel over a set distance.  Although engine technology in recent years has improved rapidly, most drivers have not adapted their driving style to make the most effective use of this.  Eco driving techniques suit modern engines better and will bring benefits such as a reduction in emissions, a saving in fuel costs and enhanced comfort and safety. 

Here at Interactive Communications we've created a vehicle tracking solution which will give you an accurate, detailed insight into how your vehicles are being driven.  You will have all the data you need to reduce your fleet's fuel consumption and save your business money.  With fuel often being the largest single overhead of a company, this system is designed to reduce fuel usage and save money, an important consideration for any business in the current economic climate. 

Modern vehicles boast a range of electronic systems to monitor and control various functions of the vehicle - this includes braking, cruise control, transmission, power steering and airbags.  These systems all communicate with each other via the CANbus which allows intra-communication without needing an on-board computer.  Our eco vehicle tracking solution uses the CANbus to gather data and then sends it to our servers at regular intervals so that it's accessible to you in real time.


  • Reduced Fuel Bills - ECO measures fuel usage, torque, RP<, throttle position and idling, all of which are factors that affect fuel consumption.  Armed with this data, you give your drivers the advice they need to reduce the amount of fuel used on each journey.
  • Enhanced Safety - You will be provided with reports on throttle position, acceleration, harsh braking and the number of times the brakes are applied.  This will allow you to spot instances of aggressive driving and work with your drivers to assume a more conservative driving style which would lead to improved safety.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint - The less fuel your vehicles use, the lower the carbon footprint of your business will be.  This is an important consideration in today's market when ethical shopping for goods and services is on the rise. 
  • In-Vehicle Driver Alerts - ECO alerts the driver of a vehicle when they perform unauthorised actions which actively moderates driver behaviour.
  • Reduced Wear and Tear - ActiveECO reports on green-band driving, axle weights, harsh braking and acceleration and provides the date you need to proactively reduce wear on your vehicles.  This leads to lower maintenance costs and an increased resale value on your vehicles.
  • Improved Productivity - ECO provides detailed and accurate tracking of vehicles and can identify drivers, distinguishing between business and private journeys.  This ability to monitor staff and vehicles leaves little room for employees to start late or finish early, leading to more jobs being carried out on a daily basis.

If you'd like to see how ECO can help your business deliver a better service while reducing overheads, give us a call now.

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