Big Change for Vehicle Tracking

  • Posted on: 30 March 2015
  • By: interactive

In our news section last week we brought you the lowdown on Big Change, a new product that we’ve recently added to our range of services.  Big Change is a technology company that merges three different technologies into one system for an innovative and holistic approach to doing business in the 21st Century.  It’s a cutting edge logistics solution that enables companies to cut out the paperwork when planning, managing, tracking and scheduling a mobile workforce.   A mobile workforce is more likely to be made up of lone workers which can present more of a challenge to managers and business owners, especially with regard to employee safety in the workplace.  With mobile and lone workers on the rise here in the UK, it’s essential to find a slick way of managing the workforce that doesn’t generate tons of unwieldy paperwork.

Big Change provides two products, both apps and last week we concentrated on the JobWatch app.  Today we’re going to give you an overview of the JourneyWatch app so that you have all the relevant information on what’s available from our two new products.


JourneyWatch is a web based vehicle tracking solution which provides users with some really useful features, including:

  • Real- time location with updates every 60 seconds to offer an accurate view of what’s going on out in the field.
  • Automated Driver Timesheets accurately generated for each driver, which minimises discrepancies and reduces manual office administrative tasks.
  • Journey History – a comprehensive history of each journey made by a vehicle with an instant replay option.
  • Reports with Email Updates – the full suite of reports enables insight into performance against key KPIs, highlighting areas that require management intervention.
  • Management Dashboard and Reports – the management dashboard provides a concise overview of operations at a glance, drawing attention to alerts or KPIs that require management intervention.
  • Live Alerts – alerts on key events which enable you to react rapidly to events such as speeding, vehicles leaving their territory or vehicles which are immobile for too long. There is also an option to set alerts for vehicle idling or when vehicles arrive or leave a particular location.
  • Google Maps – all of Google’s most up to date mapping with a 3D view of each street or location via the industry leading Streetview feature.
  • Route Planner – this integrated route planning feature enables you to find the quickest and most fuel efficient route between any two points.
  • Geofences – enabling you to create territories and zones specific to individual vehicles, drivers or mobile workers, allowing you to create live alerts tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Driver Behaviour and Speeding – The reports on driver behaviour and speeding allow managers/business owners to provide informed debriefing for drivers in order to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and ensure safety.
  • Vehicle Utilisation Monitor - utilisation reports provide an accurate insight into how each of your assets is being put to work in your business.
  • Nearest Resource Finder – allows rapid identification of the nearest resource to a location leading to rapid responses to urgent or unplanned jobs so that you can deploy the best placed team to attend.
  • Contacts – a built in contacts manager allows easy addition of new customers/suppliers etc. and maintains an accurate record of their details. This results in an increased workflow when booking jobs. Contacts can be created live from Google's places database of more than 50 million business addresses.

JourneyWatch is easy and intuitive to use, bringing maximum benefits and a rapid ROI to businesses in the UK.