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Asset Monitoring Solutions and Vehicle Tracking Software

Interactive Communications Ltd is one of the UK's leading vehicle tracking companies, specialising in the supply of vehicle tracking devices and vehicle tracking software for businesses operating in the UK and Europe.

We have been in operation since 2005 and during that time have built a proven track record for excellence, earning ourselves a fantastic reputation within the haulage and service indusuly for delivering first class customer service alongside a range of competitively priced high quality vehicle tracking software and devices.

As an independent Telematics company we are committed to helping you to improve the performance of your business. We know that increasing fuel prices and tough competition within the transport and haulage industry means that the importance of running an efficient productive business has never been greater. When it comes to managing a commercial fleet, regardless of whether you have a small or large fleet, vehicle tracking devices are one of the most beneficial and essential tools any company can use to increase productivity, efficiency and ultimately profits.

The Benefits

By installing vehicle tracking devices you will allow your fleet operators to make more informed decisions and in some cases spot potential problems before they even occur. As well as making things more efficient for your fleet operation, vehicle tracking software will also almost definitely increase your staff productivity levels. The vehicle and car fleet management software will monitor the precise location of you drivers and their personal driving styles, it also identifies instances of unacceptable behaviour, such as excessive speeding, late starts, early finishes and occasions of unauthorised vehicle use. The vehicle tracking devices ensure your fleet managers are in control of your vehicles at all times and staff are held accountable for their actions Vehicle tracking software also saves fuel, prevents unnecessary vehicle wear and tear, helps managers to validate overtime claims and improves the overall control that your fleet manager has over their staff and vehicles.

Many vehicle tracking companies are tied in to a single manufacturer or network, but Interactive Communications is an independent tracking supplier, which allows us to use our wealth of experience in vehicle tracking software to recommend the best solution for your business and your specific requirements.

Although we can sing the praises of vehicle tracking software all day long, we offer free trials of the equipment so our customers can see the benefits for themselves. We will install one or two vehicle tracking devices into your vehicles for two weeks to allow you to use the vehicle tracking software, run the reports and get a feel for how the system can work for you.

Advances in Technology

Vehicle tracking devices have developed over recent years to provide, not just a vehicle icon on a map, but a wealth of additional information direct from the engine of the vehicle. Vehicle tracking software will now report on individual driver styles, incorporating harsh braking, over revving, idling, and speeding, to name but a few. The vehicle tracking software will provide actual MPGs and driver league tables showing your best and worst drivers. Poor driving styles can be addressed and improved using driver trainers. The advantage of having the vehicle tracking software is that your driver trainers can measure actual improvements in your driver performance, instead of just hoping for the best. The scope for savings on fuel and wear and tear on vehicles provided by this information is absolutely massive.

Interactive also provides asset monitoring solutions to protect high value assets such as trailers, plant and equipment, tractors, skips and horseboxes. These robust devices are designed to withstand the outdoors, with waterproof casings and in-built long-life batteries. Asset monitoring solutions give you the peace of mind that your valuable equipment is protected 24/7 and can be recovered quickly and easily should the worst happen.

Other Products

Interactive has branched out into other product related areas in response to customer demand. Our HGV customers identified issues with basic Satellite Navigation equipment which would not provide the ideal route for a large vehicle to travel. The HGV SatNav is especially designed to suggest the most suitable route for a heavy goods vehicle to travel between two specific points. This avoids routes with low bridges and narrow roads ensuring a safe and efficient route for the driver and the vehicle. The HGV SatNav is an essential tool for any large haulier doing runs to unfamiliar destinations.

Interactive has also added In Cab Cameras to its product portfolio, again at the request of existing customers. Many have experienced instances where other vehicles have swerved in front of their vehicle and slammed on the brakes, causing a collision. This was then followed with insurance claims for rear end damage and for whip lash injuries. The insurance companies argue that the fault is with the vehicle following because he failed to stop in time and there is no proof otherwise. The In Cab Cameras are situated inside the vehicle with a view of the driver and the road ahead and provide video footage of any incidents occurring, therefore preventing any future claims of this nature. The In Cab Cameras provide peace of mind for the driver and the fleet manager for mitigation against any legal claims relating to road incidents involving their vehicles.

If you are interested in finding out more about how vehicle tracking software can benefit your business, then please contact us, Interactive has a dedicated team of professionals, who put the customer first at all times. With an open and honest approach you can rest assured that you will receive the best service available and the vehicle tracking software which best suits your needs.